Sarah Polley

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Wim Wenders, Adam Egoyan, Michael Winterbottom and Doug Lyman are but a few of the directors Sarah Polley (The Sweet Hereafter, Exotica, The Secret Life of Words) has worked with. Now, with her directorial feature-film debut, Away from Her, which stars stars Julie Christie and Gordon Pinsent, she joins them.  The film tells the story of a husband dealing with his wife's Alzeheimer's condition, her being in a nursing home, and what happens when she develops feelings for another man in the home.

We hear about Polley's life from the other side of the camera, the influences of the directors she's worked with and the effect they have had on her as an actor and, now, director; what it was like to direct an idol such as Julie Christie and the importance of music to her writing and filmmaking.




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