War Music, To You, The Birdie! and Dear Charlotte

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  • War Music
    A meditation on the artists- connections to the world around them, co-produced by The Echo Theatre Company and Playwrights Arena..
    At the Los Angeles Theatre Center, 514 So. Spring St., Los Angeles.
    Through 17 November.
  • To You, The Birdie! Racine-s -Phaedra- as produced by The Wooster Group.
    At Freud Playhouse, UCLA, Westwood.
    310.825.2101/ www.ucla.com.
    Through 17 November.
  • Dear Charlotte
    A journey through the life and writings of Charlotte Bronte.
    At the Powerhouse Theatre, 3116 2nd Street, Santa Monica.
    Extended through 23 November.

Review by Jennie Webb