There Goes the Neighborhood LIVE: Who Benefits When a Neighborhood Improves?

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Sometimes new stores, restaurants and cultural attractions are welcomed by everyone. But as many working-class areas in Los Angeles gentrify and housing costs rise, more developments are facing a backlash. What signals to long-time residents that improvements are for them and not for wealthier outsiders? Can a neighborhood’s quality of life improve without leading to displacement of the very people who have worked hardest and waited longest for the changes?

There Goes the Neighborhood's Saul Gonzalez hosts this live panel discussion about whether investment in neighborhoods like West Adams, Elysian Valley and Boyle Heights can benefit long-time residents and newcomers alike. 


Joe Buscaino - Los Angeles City councilman - @JoeBuscaino, Manuel Pastor - University of Southern California - @Prof_MPastor, Regina Freer - Occidental College, Mott Smith - Civic Enterprise - @CivicEnterprise, Mike Voss - Co-Founder of Frogtown Brewery., José Huizar - Los Angeles City Council - @josehuizar

Saul Gonzalez

Miguel Contreras

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