Vanished Status

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After anti-war protests at Washington University in 1970, Howard Mechanic became the first person arrested and charged under the Civil Obedience Act. Claiming innocence, Mechanic jumped bail to avoid prison time. He moved out West and created a new identity. For 28 years, he lived as Gary Tredway while raising a family and starting his own business. He even decides to run for city council. But what happens when Gary Tredway’s background is questioned? Can he continue under an assumed name or will his past finally be open to the public?

Vanished Status was produced by Mike Martinez, Tyler Wray and Garrett Crowe. Music provided by Mike Bjella of Gog.

It was originally produced for their podcast, Everything Is Stories. It explores unconventional narratives of the past and present to preserve the eccentric, the authentic, and the personal. You can find them at

Howard at the height of his protest days at Washington University.
Courtesy of Everything Is Stories

Howard’s mugshot following his arrest for allegedly throwing
a cherry bomb at riot police during protests at Washington University.
Courtesy of Everything Is Stories

An original flyer from Howard’s Scottsdale City Council
election campaign as Gary Tredway
Courtesy of Everything Is Stories

Banner Photo: Police in front of the burning ROTC building at Washington University.
Courtesy of Everything Is Stories



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