Welcome to LA

Welcome to LA

Los Angeles is a city carved out of the desert – a conjured image of paradise. These are the stories of people who learn what lies beyond the dream – yacht parties with theremin makers that end on the rocks, low-budget filmmaking that blurs the line between truth and fiction, movie stars and Hollywood hopefuls whose stories seem too crazy to be true. Welcome to Los Angeles.

About Welcome to L.A.


David Weinberg and his wife Katya Apekina at the East L.A. Courthouse on their wedding day, during their first month in Los Angeles.

In the words of Los Angeles native Big Jay McNeely, "Welcome to California, now go home!"

Since the first boosters marketed Los Angeles as a Paradise by the Sea people have been rolling into town with big dreams. And the city has crushed a lot of those dreams. In this series I explore a few of the many L.A.s that exist between the Pacific and the Mojave. And you’ll meet a lot of fascinating characters along the way.

A judge who throughout her career had been told to just keep her mouth shut. But she refused. And because of that she became a star.

The former voice of Ronald McDonald. He considers himself a sexual healer now. He convinces straight men in the military to have sex with him on camera and then sells those videos online.

A musician who spent his inheritance to put up a giant billboard of his face on Sunset Boulevard which was all part of a long game strategy to completely redesign the city of Los Angeles.

I'm your host David Weinberg and in Welcome to L.A. I take you into the corners of the city that L.A. noir fiction writers know. The seedy motels, the yachts, the broken down RVs and the mansions of the successful.

It's an L.A. populated by grifters and artists, working girls and musicians who might jam at any moment. Check it out.


Welcome to L.A. Playlist

The songs in this playlist were either featured in the show or provided inspiration while I wrote the episodes. Some are about L.A. and California, others feel like the world I lived in during my early days in Los Angeles.


Hosted by David Weinberg
Executive producer is Sonya Geis
Edited by Sonya Geis and Nick White
Mixing by Lyra Smith, Michael Raphael
Technical direction by JC Swiatek