A Triple Threat of Sonic Innovators at the Hollywood Bowl THIS Sunday

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This Sunday, August 23rd get ready for the triple threat sonic innovators as Animal Collective, Flying Lotus and the Huun Huur Tu all make appearances as part of KCRW’s World Festival at the Hollywood Bowl.

I have really been looking forward to this show with much anticipation. Not only is the Hollywood Bowl the perfect venue to hear these three acts but, given the size of the stage, it’s the perfect place to SEE them as well.

Anyone who is familiar with Animal Collective knows that as far as show visuals go, these guys are far ahead of the game. When I saw them perform at Coachella, I remember looking around and seeing so many of their contemporaries in the audience who were awestruck, just like me.

I’m also excited to hear the intricacies of their layered sound come through the breathtaking acoustics of the Bowl, especially my favorite homage-au-fruit “Applesauce” – I’m in love with that track off their new album!

I am equally excited to see Flying Lotus. I recall some of his first Los Angeles shows in make-shift Downtown venues in the early years of the last decade. I was a lot more active in the Los Angeles “beats” scene and used to regularly frequent parties that promoted this, at the time, very new genre of music.

Some pioneers of the LA movement were Stones Throw’s Madlib, Kutmah and his Sketcbook parties, The Gaslamp Killer, who co-founded the Low End-Theory with Daddy Kev, and Flying Lotus.

In those years, many “beats” artists would mainly DJ at the parties, but Flying Lotus would always perform live, blowing minds with each turn of the knob. His sets would always inspire me to go on a wild record hunt the following day.

Flying Lotus – mister murky socks ///// LOS ANGELES ALT take mix2 by Flyinglotus

And here’s a track off his forthcoming release “Until The Quiet Comes“, featuring singer Erykah Badu.

Flying Lotus – See Thru To U feat. Erykah Badu by mvponsmash

And finally what a treat to again be able to hear the magnificent Huun Huur Tuvan Throat Singers! I had the opportunity to see them once before at the Wadsworth Theater in 1997 when I was a student at UCLA. It was possibly one of the most interesting performances I had ever watched in my life.

Nothing quite prepares you for this musical treat. You will want to emulate…to figure it out…to try and comprehend the mechanics of the sound creation. However, as some things are better left to the imagination, I suggest you just sit back and enjoy the incredible genius at work. Here is a taste of what you’ll see:

This Sunday’s lineup presents the perfect amalgamation of sound. Animal Collective are the seamless fusion of the other two – a generous portion of the vocal/harmonic intricacies that are the hallmark of the Hun Hur ­­– laid over a complex configuration of Flying Lotus beats. The fact that all this takes place at a venue famed for its incredible acoustics makes this the one show you will positively not want to vicariously live through the Twinstagram feeds.

See you there!

— Valida