Album Preview: CHIMNEY ‘CHIMNEY’

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CHIMNEY is a new project, but the man responsible for it – Dan Molad – has quite an impressive resume. His main gig for the past few years has been drummer/producer for Lucius, but he’s also produced records for KCRW favorites Luke Temple, JD McPherson, and Here We Go Magic (amongst others). As if that weren’t enough, he co-wrote two songs for Band Aid, a film that I’m very much looking forward to.

Given that pedigree, it should come as no surprise that this debut self titled album sounds incredible, and incredibly assured. Even as Molad explores some pretty heavy subject matter on most of these songs, the relaxed beauty that prevails throughout makes for a delightful and ultimately soothing listening experience.

From Dan Molad:

“All great records usually signify or are in someway connected to change. A new sound or a shift in sound, a shift in storytelling, a shift in storyteller. This is a record that began as a musical diary from the vantage point of a producer, an enabler, a sideman, the guy behind the guy or girls as it were. The songs are mostly stories about death and fear. I am not really a super dark guy, but I do think about death, inevitability as much but probably more than the average person. But I also love comedy and being funny is important to me….anyway…that’s my story!!!! Oh speaking of change… I love my new home, Los Angeles.”

CHIMNEY will be out on June 23rd via Dine Alone Records and catch them at the Bootleg June 29 for an album release show.