Boy Live On KCRW: Little Numbers

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When we first started playing Boy here at KCRW there was quite a bit of confusion. First was the obvious, the name of the band is Boy, but its unmistakably two women singing. (And singing very well I might add.) Also, there was talk of them being from overseas, Germany perhaps, but there was no discernible accent to be found.

What was clear however was that their single “Little Numbers” has all the right ingredients to be very, very big.

Through the course of their debut on Morning Becomes Eclectic, we come to find out a few more things from them. Like the fact that the group is comprised of two friends, Valeska Steiner who is Swiss and Sonja Glass who is German.  The fact that the name of their group “Boy” came about simply because they liked how it sounded and thought it was a good fit for their aesthetic.

But the fact that their songs are on the cusp of something bigger is pretty obvious. Looking at the foundation of their songs you realize they rest upon two important categories. Beautifully interwoven and harmonized voices singing sweat melodies that are met with smart, literal and sometimes bitter lyrics.

It’s a combination that gives Boy the longevity they need to stand the test of time and be around for songs like “Drive Darling” and “Waitress” to be discovered.

Now, the mystery of why these two women from Switzerland and Germany were able to sing with such pure American accents? Well, influences like Shawn Colvin and Mariah Carey, that’s why.

Boy Set List on KCRW:

Drive Darling
Little Numbers
Oh Boy
Lonely Boy (Black Keys Cover)
Into The Wild