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Budos Band
Budos Band

From KCRW DJ Liza Richardson:

The first recorded case of “Budos Fever” appeared in Staten Island in 2005. By the end of 2006, extensive outbreaks were reported in Lagos and Tokyo. KCRW was one of the first on the West Coast to sound the alarm about this new pandemic – an Afro-soul explosion that seemed sure to destroy everything in its path.

Budos Band II
Budos Band II

The source of the outbreak was tracked down to label Daptone Records’ own studio,  Daptone’s House of Soul, in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

But it didn’t stop there. In 2008 new subtypes of the disease arose – dubbed Budos Band II — in scorpions co-infected with Mulatu Astatke and Black Sabbath viruses and were soon transferred to other hosts who were observed to suffer symptoms such as uncontrollable head-bobbing and ear drum resistance to lame music.

The force of Budos Fever is gaining strength in 2010 –Budos Band III has now been detected and on August 10th, scientists are predicting the release of the most potent strain yet.

The third album by Budos Band, toxic with it’s mind-bending cocktail of rhythm, phat horns, melody and afro-soul, is expected to devastate entire populations and destroy musical comprehension levels in humans from the street to the jungle and into outer space. Dare you take a listen?

Budos Band — “Unbroken, Unshaven”

Liza Richardson

Editor’s Note:  The band is playing NEXT Friday, August 13 at Levitt Pavilion.

Budos Band III