Crate Digging Delight — Rong Music’s Originals Compilation

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Over a year in the works and most certainly worth the wait, Balearic vibe purveyors Claremont 56’s latest “Originals” compilation is finally available, just in time for your pool party, BBQ, road-trip and/or night moves…

The 7th in a series of really special and unique comps, this latest was compiled by Rong Music’s Ben Cook and Jason Drummond. The compilation is an undeniably cool and mind-melting collection of rare grooves. Running the gamut from chill ambient to early New Yorker laces era hip-hop to boogie/funk disco, they’ve put together a mix that is obscure without pretension and heady fun while still being totally danceable.

With classic cuts like Unfinished Business’Out of My Hands” and rare jams like ’92s dubbed out Acid House joint Aardvark’sThe Return of Rasputin“, the comp is an eclectic and eccentric masterclass in the fine art of deep crate-digging.

In one of the most geniunely clever moves I’ve heard in a mix(and not annoyingly so) halfway through the collection, Rong insert a Negativland track that promises to “…explore the lost realms of a slow and indiscriminant culture, sauntering through the last phases of the American Dream era.” It’s some jokey half-truth heavyjive, but perfectly captures the essense of the thing perfectly.

Another truly groovy “Original.”