Did Matt Dillon just take you on a date?

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There’s something rugged and cool about Matt Dillon, like your friend’s hot older brother. He knows all the cool bands, smokes cigarettes behind the bleachers, then you giggle when he says, “hello” in his sultry voice.

Well, that is exactly what his recent picks on this Guest DJ Project reflects.

Today is your lucky day because he is taking you out.

First, he picks you up in his 59′ El Camino with Bing Day’s “Mama’s Boy” on the radio… then out to a hip new dinner spot that’s spinning “Complete Control” by the Clash. Oh, the night isn’t over, he takes you dancing at a sexy Latin Club with Al Castellanose’s “Speak Up Mambo.”

Have you fallen for him yet?

Cause after all that dancing your feet are tired and he drives you up a hill to stargaze while Frankie Trumbauer’s “Blue River” is playing in the background. Now you’re home and getting ready for bed. You’re so giddy and smitten, you drift off into happy dreamland to El Gran Fell Love’s “El Jamaiquino.” 

Sweet dreams kids.

Matt Dillon is currently starring in Fox’s Wayward Pines. The second episode airs tonight!