Four Songs You Should Hear Right Now: Jetta, Tycho, Damon Albarn, Real Estate

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Jetta –“Feels Like Coming Home”

Who’s that singer you’ve been hearing on MBE that sounds a LOT like Adele?

That’s Jetta, a singer-songwriter from Liverpool, with her beautiful piano ballad “Feels Like Coming Home”. She packs a soulful punch and on other tracks it’s clear she’s definitely pursuing a rock diva roar (ala Florence and the Machine), more so than a torch singer style.

Tycho – “Montana”

Tycho, aka Scott Hansen, is an intriguing character. He’s a graphic designer based in the Bay Area who made a splash here at KCRW with the atmospheric , dreamy electronic sounds on “Dive”, his 2011 album on the label Ghostly International.

The first hint at his new album, due on March 18, was the title track “Awake”, but I much prefer “Montana”, released just a few days ago.

It’s everything we could have hoped for in a follow up. I could listen to it on repeat for hours.

Real Estate – “Talking Backwards”

One of the least Google-able bands in music, Real Estate, are back with an excellent new track called “Talking Backwards”.

The Brooklyn-based band create a sense of “feel” that is hard for me to describe, but has been consistently great over each of their albums, with each one being a big step forward.

I think they really nailed it on this track.

It has all those dreamy guitar licks I’ve come to expect, and the chorus knocks it out of the park, lyrically and musically.

The new album “Atlas” is out March 4 and I can’t wait to hear it.

Damon Albarn – “Everyday Robots”

Damon Albarn addresses our phone-obsessed existence head on in the title track from his forthcoming album, “Everyday Robots”.

After Blur reunited recently for a series of shows, I was really hopeful a new album would be on its way, but they only released a couple singles.

Seems to me that Damon (also of Gorillaz) had something that he needed to say on a solo record – his solo debut, in fact!

The album will be out on April 29 and, according to press materials, includes further soul searching about nature vs technology and his most personal writing yet.