Gaussian Curve: Collaboration You Should Know

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Although the year end list season is over, it bears repeating that Young Marco, Gigi Masin & Jonny Nash all released remarkable albums in 2014.

And, somehow, in the midst of touring, DJing and promoting, these 3 dudes carved out time to ALSO work on a dreamy collaborative album called “Clouds“.

If you’ve listened to any or all of their albums, you know they’ve all got pretty distinct individual, but totally complementary, styles.

That said, they all share in equally awesome measure a graceful airy quality.

They’ve named the collaboration Gaussian Curve, which evokes ambient and jazz fusion names of old, while simultaneously winking at the glossing of the ordinary.

A Gaussian curve is a normal curve, a plain old ordinary bell curve that goes up and eventually comes down. But it remains totally smooth at the highest peak.

It’s about as perfect a metaphor as anyone could dream up.

“Clouds” is super awesome and as hyperbolic as it sounds, is already one of this year’s best listens.