House Producer John Talabot Returns to LA + New Remix EPs

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John Talabot  released one of the year’s most sumptuous records, fIN.

As a brilliant year end reminder of this fact, he’s booked a handful of dates touring with The xx and a number of DJ sets. Talabot performed this weekend as part of the Culture Collide Festival. But, fear not, if you (like I) were unfortunately indisposed and unable to go last night, Talabot IS going to be doing a DJ set on October 12th at Lure.

As another brilliant year end reminder of fIN, Permanent Vacation is releasing a series of 12″ remix EPs. The first volume features not one, but three color-themed remixes by Pachanga Boys (Rebolledo & Superpitcher) an excellently languid version by Bullion and a totally cinematic remix by Kenton Slash Demon.

Since the EP is labelled Vol.1, I’m grateful and certain we can expect more. Which is deliciously ironic considering the album is called fIN.

No online samples of the remixes exist as of yet, however I’ve heard it and it’s fantastic. Trust me. Below, you can find the original version of “Destinyfeaturing Pional.

Destiny feat. Pional by John Talabot

For Bullion’s version of this track he took Pional out, and but himself in the featuring role on top of adding some of his own Bullion-ness to the track.

— Mario Cotto