iLoveMakonnen: Artist You Should Know

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Alright, I’ll admit it; the first time I heard “Club Goin Up On A Tuesday” by iLoveMakonnen a few weeks ago, I didn’t quite know what to make of it.

The beat by Sonny Digital and Metro Boomin with its whirring church organs and beatdown bass was undeniably on point, but Makonnen’s quirky delivery threw me for a loop.

Then, one night, having not heard heard the track in a few days, my brain started playing iLoveMakonnen‘s voice while I was cooking pasta: “I got the club goin up / On a Tuesday / Got your girl in the cut and she’s choosy.”

That, my friends, is the definition of a medicinal-grade earworm.

I had to race to my computer to hear “Club Goin Up On A Tuesday” again, and this time it clicked.

Now I’m hooked. And yes, I Love Makonnen.

Apparently, Drake does, too.

He recently signed iLoveMakonnen to his OVO imprint and guested on the official remix of “Club Goin Up On A Tuesday” (why Tuesday? I haven’t the faintest idea, but it works and you can stream and download the remix for free here), and in the process, exposed iLoveMakonnen to a huge, new audience.

You can download all of iLoveMakonnen‘s mixtapes for free on his website. I would recommend starting with the “I Love MakonnenEP (which includes “Club Goin Up On A Tuesday” as well as runner-up co-faves “I Don’t Sell Molly No More” and “Meant To Be“) and working backwards from there.

Whether or not iLoveMakonnen proves to be more than a one-hit wonder remains to be seen, but the Atlanta-based artist certainly has an incredible ear for melody and a unique voice that’s sure to leave an impression on whatever he works on in the future. I wouldn’t bet against him.

There’s still six more days in the week for iLoveMakonnen to get the club goin up.