Jose Padilla’s Bright New Day

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Jose Padilla’s
last (and most recent) release for International Feel was a deliciously woozy 12″ called “Solito“.

The totally Romantic diminutive of alone, “Solito” perhaps found Padilla exorcising some spirits of loneliness.

That release, however, was only the beginning of a budding new relationship with International Feel’s Mark Barrott. That relationship now in full bloom, has birthed a brand new Padilla release, “Day One” out this week.

A blissed-out sliver of beachy sunlight, “Day One” is the first taste of Padilla’s forthcoming full length of new work later this year.

Made with a veritable rogue’s gallery of super awesome dudes (Wolf Müller, Telephones, Tornado Wallace & Barrott) Padilla is still sonically related to “Solito,” but far from solito.