KCRW at Coachella 2010

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A small army of KCRW DJs, staffers, and volunteers will be hitting the road next weekend, making our way into the desert for 3 days of musical mind blow. Hallway chatter lingers on which acts we are most looking forward to, where we are staying, and what days we will be there. Unfortunately our dear RR will be out of town, so she’s enlisted our help for coverage here on the KCRW Music Blog. I’m Betsy! Hi. nice to meet you.

I’m excited to head down Friday afternoon to kick off the party with fellow music blog authors, armed with a full access pass and a lotta love for the music festival format. Aside from taking pictures with my iPhone to upload to the KCRW Facebook Fan Page, Flickr and Twitter – I’m also excited to coordinate with the latest addition to the KCRW Music blogging team – Lulu, KCRW Volunteer, whom you may recognize from the Winter Drive sound byte here:

Lulu – KCRW Subscriber!

Here’s a few words, straight from this wonder child’s mouth about her love for KCRW, and her zeal to join us at Coachella.

Lulu (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.)

Spilling out of the car and into the schoolyard at every afternoon pick-up, filling the house every morning along with the smell of pancakes, KCRW was the sound of my childhood. It was the low hum in the car as my dad drove me home from a sleepover where I just couldn’t make it through the night. Warren Olney was the voice that chatted with me on my commute to school in the foggy Santa Monica mornings. I am not sure exactly when KCRW stopped being a soundtrack, the background voices and music to my life. But sometime around ninth grade, I started listening. And not just because my parents had the radio on. Tuning-in became a way to stay informed, to impress adults at the dinner table with current political tidbits, to hear new independent music, to learn about (and sometimes win tickets to) local concerts, and to become a little more educated, either about current affairs or up-and-coming artists, with each listen. Last summer, I decided that being a listener just wasn’t enough any more. I applied to be a volunteer and the next thing I knew my voice was on the radio promoting the winter pledge drive and now I am blogging about Coachella for the station’s fantastic Music Blog. I like to think I am a walking KCRW success story, informed by and informing the station I love.

Thanks Lulu! We’re very much looking forward to your contribution! In fact, check back tomorrow for Lulu’s Coachella picks of Must Sees!