KCRW Top 20 (10/14 - 10/20)

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It's so exciting to see this much great new music getting released toward the end of the year, when things normally begin to mellow out. Having such a plethora of fantastic new tunes to drop on my weekend afternoon shift definitely makes it that much more interesting! And it isn't just new, up and coming artist that are floating out new tracks, it's a lot of the legacy acts that are already familiar to our airwaves. The traditional mold of releasing music these days is not what it used to be and the current Top 20 is a fantastic cross section of just that.

The young crooner Korey Dane brings the Southern California sunshine to his new song “Promises To The Dark,” currently at #3.  For me, his laid-back vibe and unassuming demeanor is why his music sits in the pocket and fits perfectly on weekend afternoons and across the board, which is why many of my cohorts also dig his sound. 

Coming in at #9 this week are the English rockers Elbow. They're one of those bands that have been able to meld different styles over the years, while at the same time not losing any integrity. “White Noise White Heat” from their eighth studio album Giants Of All Sizes, takes me back a bit to their first records and how their sound captivated me, and now have become KCRW favorites!   

And, being a huge Wilco fan, it's great to see Jeff Tweedy and company back with a new full length, Ode To Joy. My favorite song from the record, “One And A Half Stars” is sitting comfortably at #14. Steadily cementing himself over his career, Tweedy has become one the most prolific songwriters of our time.