KCRW Track Premiere: The Buttertones “A Tear for Rosie”

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Every now and then a song comes along that demands to be blasted at full volume, so that whoever is lucky enough to be listening to it has no choice but to dance around in a fit of glee. Lucky for you, we just happen to have one such song to share with you today! Los Angeles based act The Buttertones were formed by bassist Sean Redman, formerly of KCRW favorite Cherry Glazerr, and are releasing their third record – Gravedigging on March 31st. It’s their first full length for the great local label Innovative Leisure (pre-order here), and we’re so happy to be premiering that record’s second single “A Tear for Rosie.”

If you’re already a fan of Innovative Leisure – especially it’s more rock leaning artists like Hanni El Khatib, and Tijuana Panthers – you’ll certainly find a lot to love in the Buttertones. In fact, like those particular label mates, The Buttertones found themselves recording this latest release at the famed Jazzcats studio in Long Beach. They describe being particularly inspired by producer Jonny Bell. According to lead guitarist Dakota Boettcher, “Jonny pushed us like crazy, He had so many ideas all the time.”

Those ideas, and the palpable sense that this is a band who’s been challenged in the best possible way make “A Tear for Rosie” an outstanding listen. It’s a little, goth-y, and a little surfy, with subtle nods to Ennio Morricone. Ultimately though, it’s the track’s unrelenting sense of propulsion that keeps me coming back for more, and keeps inspiring those gleeful dance fits.