Kendra Morris: Artist You Should Know

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KCRW Music Librarian Eric J Lawrence listens to a LOT of music. When he puts an album directly into my hands and looks me in the eye, I know I’m in for something good.

It seems soulful singer Kendra Morris has come full circle, from the little girl growing up in St. Petersburg, Fla and singing along with her karaoke machine in the closet to her new album entirely of covers, “Mockingbird”.

The NY-based artist got a lot of attention for her 2012 Wax Poetics release “Banshee” and is getting steady KCRW spins of her new release, with covers of Radiohead’s “Karma Police”, Chris Isaac’s “Wicked Game”, and my favorite, the Rolling Stone’s “Miss You”.

One listen and it’s clear there is room for a funkier female version of the disco classic.

Kendra’s having a strong year on KCRW’s airwaves, lending her vocals to another station favorite, Chico Mann, for the summer jam “Same Old Clown”.

Mockingbird“ is out now!