Landlady: Artist You Should Know

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Landlady is the latest venture from Adam Schatz, who has been involved in so many musical projects it makes the head spin (member of Man Man, co-producer of Winter Jazzfest, session saxophonist for Vampire Weekend, etc.)

But as Landlady, he and his four Brooklyn bandmates churn out quirky rock tunes that satisfy one of my basic tenants of Great Songs: they rarely end up in the same place where they began.

This dynamic spirit serves them well on their Hometapes debut, “Upright Behavior” (out 7/15), where Schatz’ Tunde Adebimpe-like vocals top a musical setting that combines the experimental flair of contemporary bands like tUnE-yArDs or Dirty Projectors with the theatrical side of 70s glam rock (a la The Sensational Alex Harvey Band or Cockney Rebel).

One of the album’s centerpiece tracks, “Girl”, is a good example of their M.O.: beginning with an ominous chug and a panicked question about losing his girl, the song eventually concludes with guitar & keyboard twinkles over Schatz’ repeated epiphany, “We just want someone to turn on.”

A catchy line or a little self-centered hard truth?

Either way, it turns me on and perhaps it will do so for you too.