Langhorne Slim: Artist You Should Know

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Langhorne Slim and the Law by Todd Cooper

“Say Yes” is one of my favorite mantras. At times when I feel a little lost, I often adopt it as my way of living — anything that comes my way, just say yes and see how it goes.

In 2009, Langhorne Slim released a song called “Say Yes” (off the album “Be Set Free“) and I listened to it on repeat for weeks. Not only did I love the sentiment, but his raspy voice and the music, which just build and builds.

His music just makes me feel good and I can’t give a better compliment than that.

Say Yes by Langhorne Slim

When I got a copy of his new full length, The Way We Move“, it lived in my car for weeks. All the elements I loved from the start were firmly in place — he’s a great storyteller with fantastic lyrics.  And that voice!  To top it off, in the last few weeks, Jason Bentley has been giving the title track some Morning Becomes Eclectic spins.

It’s a rousing rock number that I can’t wait to see live and now I’ll get my chance. Langhorne Slim & the Law play the Troubadour tonight, along with another favorite of mine, Jessica Lea Mayfield. I’m looking forward to seeing the drunken sing-a-longs that are sure to happen.

If I haven’t convinced you that it’ll be a good time, this video should: