Lauer: Artist You Should Know

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Lauer calledH.R. Boss“.

A chuggy, lush slice of beachy sunrise House, it turned out to be a set fixture for awhile.

Fascinated with all things Lauer, I started following the German artists output…Lauer, Hotel Lauer, Tuff City Kids (his project with Running Back label boss Gerd Janson) and looking back at previous work as part of Filiberto Marmelade and Arto Mwambe.

A truly gifted producer, Phillip Lauer’s work is danceable to be sure, but more importantly…it is infinitely listenable.

It’s heady without being an exercise.

There is no tedium, just a slow steady build of emotion.

If you listen to his latest, “Stigma” (forthcoming on Beats In Space), it effortlessly accomplishes what most dance tracks aspire to but maybe never actually achieve, a blissful perpetual rising that doesn’t end but rather evaporates. Like Orbital’s classic “Halcyon + On + On” “Stigma” evokes feelings of ecstatic transcendance, of becoming light.

This 2-track 12″ for Beats in Space (his second after 2012’s awesome “Macsat Ring Down)  has come on the heels of Lauer’s becoming a bit more domestic, moving to a quiet village, tending to an infant…trying not to wake said baby. The tenderness of this new reality shines through on both tracks and the result is truly fantastic.

Someone please let him know that I hope he never stops having babies.