List: 10 Reasons Why You Want to See Jungle & Underworld at the Hollywood Bowl

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Did you fall in love with Jungle when you heard them on MBE? Now here are reasons why you don’t want to miss this show!

1. This is Underworld’s ONLY stop in the US cause they’re too busy earnin’.

2. Its kind of like Soul Train cept 2015 edition.

3. Did you miss Jungle’s much talked about set at Coachella? You can make up for it now.

4. The Queen’s people, all night.

5. You can buy Jungle merch because their merch is superior (and you don’t have to pay international shipping!)

alpha_jungle_3_1_ jungle_tee

6. This summer is hot and Jungle is just going to make it hotter. Bring the ice bucket.

7. THIS:

8. Did I mention a LOT of DANCING.

9. Underworld is just 100x more fun when its loud and you’re with 17,000 other people.

10. You can’t say no to this face.

Jungle will open for Underworld June 21st at the Hollywood Bowl. For more information, please visit the Hollywood Bowl website.