Melanoid: Local Band We Love

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Sometimes being a KCRW DJ gives you the same benefit of time travel, but right in the comfort of your own space-time continuum.

For example, I received a digital submission from the band Melanoid promoting their upcoming “Jamais Vu” EP, which is set to be released January 15, 2013.

The link to their Soundcloud page provided a free download to the song “1998“, as well as clips from the other songs.  Well, I liked the clips and wanted to hear more.  So I asked for them, and they sent them over.  No time machine necessary.

The real point here is that I encourage you to download “1998” (below), and even go check out their previous album “Asleep In The Wake” (I found it on Spotify). Then when January 15 rolls around, you’ll be primed and ready for the rest of “Jamais Vu” to descend upon your ears.

Stream “1998” below and download it here.

1998 by melanoid

Melanoid is a four-piece band based in Los Angeles.  Visit them online here:

–Chris Muckley