Michael Sheen is Our Guest DJ

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MichaelSheenActor Michael Sheen is famous for perfectly portraying well-known public figures (like Tony Blair) so finding out who HE is through his musical tastes was an interesting exercise.

Even more interesting, his first song pick was from an Elvis impersonator — taking on Tim Buckley. He says this version of “Song to the Siren” makes him sob every time he hears it and it brought tears to the eyes of Morning Becomes Eclectic producer Ariana Morgenstern too. She was so moved by the song and his story that her and Jason Bentley were talking about it again this morning, almost a week after it aired!

His music tastes veer towards the ethereal with haunting themes – from the exotic worldly sounds of Peter Gabriel to the unsettling mediations of Laurie Anderson.

Check out the session here and his full song list below!

Michael Sheen Guest DJ Project Set List

1. Song To The Siren / The King on Grave Lands (Tim Buckley cover)
2. Blue Skies Will Haunt You From Now On / The Electric Ghosts
3. The Feeling Begins / Peter Gabriel
4. The Eve of the War / Jeff Wayne
5. O Superman (For Massenet) / Laurie Anderson