Music For Your Weekend

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This time of the year is typically pretty slow in the world of music entertainment. Fortunately, there are still a few acts putting out some great tracks. Here are a few new releases you should check out.


If you listen to KCRW, no doubt you’ve heard Kaytranada blasting from our airwaves quite a bit over the last several years. Kaytra is a master at crafting funky, swinging grooves driven by deep bass, that’s absolutely infectious and perfect for the dance floor. He recently signed with RCA and his first release, NOTHIN LIKE U / CHANCES – EP, is out now. Take a listen to one of my favorite songs form the EP, “Chances” which features Shay Lia.

Steve Spacek – Natural Sci-Fi

I’ve been a long time fan and supporter of Steve Spacek. He’s one of those artists that’s in a league of his own, he truly beats to his own drum. Spacek has the ability to merge soulful vocals and melodies with abstract, ethereal futuristic production. Hence the name of his latest release, Natural Sci-Fi. The EP is out today. Check out the title track, which is also a track he teased two years ago.

Leikeli47 – Acrylic

Leikeli47 is reticent to reveal many personal details about herself, which is evident by the fact that the Brooklyn rapper always appears masked in public. However, she allows a peak in her life through her music. Never more evident than her latest full length, Acrylic. This sophomore release explores the trails and tribulations of sacred black spaces and the resilience of black womanhood. Thus, Acrylic. In an interview, Leikeli47 described Acrylic as “a hard substance and I feel this is one of my harder records to date. It speaks to how hard times don’t break you, they make you. We have this saying that when you smell acrylic, you know just where you are.” Take listen to the title track

(Kaytranada photo c/o Drew Yorke – Creative Commons)