Music For Your Weekend

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As we enter the month of Thanksgiving, we find ourselves with a bounty of new music from so many KCRW favorites. We are truly blessed*

*I refuse to make the hashtag blessed joke at this point, though I do realize this might be a more elaborate/obnoxious way of making it anyway. I apologize, but I know that you’ll forgive me once you dive into these awesome tunes.

Rhye – “Feel Your Weight (Poolside Remix)”

After wracking my brain for quite awhile, and then doing a very cursory Google search it would appear that this is the first time that Poolside has remixed Rhye. This is surprising at first glance, given both are amongst L.A.’s foremost purveyors of chill. Yet, Poolside does typically traffic within their “Daytime Disco” lane, and Rhye most certainly makes music for the night. Nevertheless, a Rhye song remixed by Poolside is as subtly groovy as you’d need it to be, a perfect blend of their individual vibes.

Thundercat (feat. Badbadnotgood & Flying Lotus) – “King of the Hill”

Speaking of viiiiibes – Thundercat, and Badbadnotgood, AND Flying Lotus – all on one track? Please tell me I’m not just dreaming. Actually, nevermind, I have video proof that I’m not. I’m so happy to now invite you to enjoy the smoothest of jams.

Toro y Moi – “Freelance”

What else is there to say? Chaz Bundick is one of the smartest music makers of the 2010’s. He captures freelance life perfectly on this new song, and it’s yet another entree into what will surely be an immaculate legacy.

Rhye carousel photo: Neil Krug, Badbadnotgood feature image: Martin Schumann