Nine Songs I Might Not Have Heard Without KCRW by Marion Hodges

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Even though we don’t “pitch” during the late night music shows during pledge drive time, I always try to include some songs that will hopefully remind people why we come to them asking for support.

In the past, I’ve done favorite MBE performances, and/or songs that are big station wide favorites at the time. This year though, I decided to get a little personal and play one song per set that I fell in love with directly through my connection to KCRW.

I know that I should probably be past the point of being amazed by the diverse array of sounds that my super rad colleagues at KCRW have hipped me to, but I just never will be. Especially since I’m anticipating many more years of music discovery through this highly unique station that I’m lucky enough to be a part of.

Below are my nine favorite KCRW music discoveries (so far). What are some of yours?


1. Peter Bjorn & John – “Let’s Call it Off”


2. Red Dragon Band – “Let Me be Your Radio Part 1”

3. Part Time – “What Would You Say”

4. Mark Farina – “Dream Machine”

5. Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & the Trinity – “The Flesh Failures (Let the Sun Shine in)”

6. King Geedorah – “Next Levels”

7. Nicole Willis & the Soul Investigators – “My Four Leaf Clover”

8. The Chills – “Heavenly Pop Hit”

9. Cardinal – “If You Believe in Christmas Trees”