NPR’s First Watch: New Music by Fanfarlo

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Fanfarlo made their US radio debut right here on KCRW in September of 2009. The London band brought the voluptuous sounds and soaring harmonies of their debut album, Reservoir to the studios and totally blew us away.

You can bet we are elated to have some new material to share from NPR’s First Watch feature! Much to our dismay, the lush orchestral and folky leanings have evolved to include some electronics accessorizing that has me on my head. The familiar belt of lead singer Simon Balthazar breaks through with clarity, but its layered beautifully on top of a pounding bass and bloopy sonic accessory that builds eloquently to the energetic delivery that we came to love from Fanfarlo on their debut effort.

We’ll keep our eye out for the upcoming sophmore release, Rooms Filled With Light. I hear it is due for release February 28, 2012! Stay tuned for more! In the meantime, enjoy this video and let the anticipation mount!

BONUS!! If you are digging the new direction, and interested to learn more about perhaps HOW Fanfarlo’s sound made its way toward the futuristic, you should totally explore the Soundcloud account Fanfarlo member Justin Finch. Looks like a side project. In his own words:

“Maybe it was the excitement of writing and recording the new Fanfarlo record that inspired me to finally try and produce some of the triumphant, science fiction inspired synthesizer sounds battling it out in my head.” — Justin Finch

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