Pan Caliente: artists to watch in 2019

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The new year brings with it a refresh of albums and bands to look forward to. Here’s a couple upcoming releases that we’re emocionados (excited) about:

Nicola Cruz

If you’re still sleeping on Ecuadorian electronic artist, Nicola Cruz, then 2019 will definitely be the year you jump on the bandwagon. His forthcoming album, SIKU, has already manifested two superb singles: “Arka” (which we premiered here on Pan Caliente!) and “Siete”. Both transport you on an Andean journey of chill out beats and Pan American instruments.

Ximena Sariñana

In November 2018, a new single entitled, “Si tu te vas,” was released in the form of a rad music video, that featured Ximena as a pugilist and a wrestler. That track and her recent collaboration with Dillon Francis brought her talent to broader audiences. There’s rumors of a new album from her in 2019 and a tour is also in the works. All in all, very exciting!

The Pocket Rockets

The East LA rock ‘n rollers released a new single the very first Friday of the year…bold. “Good to Me” is a straight ahead guitar jam with a funky bass line and vocals that take us back to the heyday of good ol’ fashioned indie music of the early 2000’s. There’s more new music in cue from The Pocket Rockets in 2019 and we cannot wait to hear it.

The Marías

Definitely Pan Caliente darlings, but rightfully so! Their first two EPs (Superclean Vol 1 & 2) are so delectable. Just a couple weeks back it was announced on their social media that their full length album would be released in 2019! There is no date for the release just yet, but we wait with anticipation to hear what else they’ve been brewing. Should be a busy touring year for them as well.