Robyn Hitchcock Covers Bob Dylan — “Visions Of Johanna”

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Robyn really stands out in a crowd.

When Robyn Hitchcock wrapped up his Morning Becomes Eclectic performance last week, we had run out of time for his encore. Which was a huge bummer for us and the listening audience because he had chosen to cover Bob Dylan‘s“Quinn The Eskimo (Mighty Quinn)” to end the show.

But being the English Gentleman that he his and nary the sort to disappoint, Robyn obliged us with another cover that we could record for our archives.  Since we weren’t under the duress of the clock he eased into an audible and chose a different one. One that he told us was his favorite song of all time!

Visions Of Johanna” was first recorded by Bob Dylan in 1966 for the seminal album, “Blonde on Blonde” in Nashville.  Several critics assert that this was one of Dylan’s finest works of songwriting while this guy thinks it’s literally the best song ever written(!)

It’s a beautiful contrast for Robyn, as his wit and relaxed personality become sharply focused and drawn into a song that’s so highly regarded. Cover songs have a way of fighting its way to the core of an artist and casting a bright light on what’s behind the curtain. And that’s why we asked him to stick around.

Robyn Hitchcock covering Bob Dylan’s  “Visions Of Johanna”