RR’s Rainy Day Mix

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A few years ago when LA was drenched for days as it is right now, I spent some quality time with my iTunes and concocted a “Rainy Day Mix.” Only the first song mentions rain directly and the rest were just a combo of tracks that matched my mood. This became a popular requested mix from my friends so I figure I should share.

Keep dry and let me know what songs/artists you like to listen to on rainy days. I’m curious…


  1. Pennies from Heaven (Count De Money Remix) — Pennies from Heaven (Count De Money Remix)
  2. At The Disco — Trus’me    Working Nights
  3. Apron Strings — Working For A Nuclear Free City
  4. Never Gonna — Sharpshooters
  5. Blue Wave — West Indian Girl
  6. Time To Pretend — MGMT
  7. She’s Electric — Oasis
  8. Great DJ — Ting Tings
  9. Veni Vidi Vici —  Black Lips
  10. Gloria (Performed By Them) — Van Morrison
  11. Oh Christine — The Cave Singers
  12. Stranger — Sunny Day Sets Fire
  13. Vampire Racecourse — The Sleepy Jackson
  14. On My Way — Wisely
  15. Right Hand On My Heart — The Whigs
  16. Under The Blacklight — Rilo Kiley
  17. No New Tale To Tell — Love & Rockets
  18. Nantes — Beirut
  19. Borderline — Madonna