Saturday Night Live’s Seth Meyers is Our Guest DJ

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Seth Meyer’s smiling face at the Emmys last night, I was reminded of how much I’ve missed seeing him on my TV every Saturday night for the last few months. I’ve been watching Saturday Night Live since I was a teenager but it’s hit a new stride in recent years thanks to his turn as anchor of Weekend Update and as head writer. (In fact, he shares a 2011 Emmy win for best original music and lyrics for the “Justin Timberlake monologue.” Worth watching)

Seth claims you will know everything about him through the 5 songs he chose for KCRW’s Guest DJ Project.

What did I learn? 1) although he claims to be the “least funky guy out there”, he has a deep appreciation for Al Green 2) his mantra during the writer’s strike was inspired by The Hold Steady 3) he’s a “Wilco guy” 4) he finds new music on KCRW! 5) it sounds like it was REALLY fun growing up in his house.

Hear the full set here and a snippet below!


p.s: Saturday Night Live is back this Saturday, September 24 to skewer more celebrities, scandals and politicians/political issues, as well as just being plain funny. Alec Baldwin is the host and Radiohead is the musical guest so you really can’t go wrong.

Seth Meyers on the KCRW Guest DJ Project by KCRW

Seth Meyers Guest DJ Project Set Tracklist

1.) I’m A Ram- Al Green
2.) Most People Are DJ’s- The Hold Steady
3.) Hate It Here- Wilco
4.) The Hymn For The Cigarettes- Hefner
5.) In Spite Of Ourselves- John Prine with Iris DeMent