Song Premiere: Nick Monaco & David Marston – “It’s the Time”

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It’s always great when two talents get together to share their musical visions. Producers Nick Monaco (he of ties to the Soul Clap/Wolf + Lamb/etc. crews) and Kingston, Jamaica-raised David Marston met up in Miami recently & committed to working together, with David serving as guitarist on Nick’s forthcoming solo album (due out later this year), even if that could be most easily accomplished remotely.

But they felt it would great to start the juices flowing with an in-person collaboration, so Nick headed to David’s house in Jamaica’s Blue Mountains & together they produced a pair of tracks under the heading of the Island Life project. “It’s the Time” is one of those tracks, featuring guest vocals from fellow Jamaican Craig Williamson, and its easy, minimalist vibe comes straight from the gentle Caribbean breezes direct to your ears.