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From KCRW volunteer Sierra Drucker

If you need a holiday, but can’t get away, listening to Tennis is the next best thing.

Husband and wife duo Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley had a simple plan.  Buy a boat, and go sailing.  After a 7-month excursion along the Atlantic coast they took their experiences on the open sea and put them into song, creating their debut full length, “Cape Dory” (named after their sailboat).

Reminiscent of Best Coast or Dum Dum Girls, the songs are 60’s retro and nostalgic for a more innocent time.

Tennis 2Moore’s breezy & candy sweet vocals float above Riley’s jangly guitar and lo-fi production.   The melodies are catchy and the lyrics are wistful:  “We’ve been gone for so very long that we’ve forgotten where we are from.”  There is a sincerity and charm in the simplicity of their concept.  “Cape Dory” is a buoyant and carefree journey; and lucky for us, we’re invited.

“Marathon,” their first single, is effervescent & oh so catchy.  There’s no way to walk away without humming the melody.

Stream “Marathon”

Another favorite is “Take Me Somewhere,” a song that coaxes us to bob and sway and drift away.

“Cape Dory” will be released January 18 on Fat Possum Records.

— Sierra Ducker

Cape Dory Track List

Tennis cape doryTake Me Somewhere

Long Boat Pass

Cape Dory


Bimini Bay

South Carolina




Water Birds