Tiny Hearts: Artist You Should Know

Written by
Tiny Hearts and Anthony Valadez

Tiny Hearts caught my attention via producer Waajeed.

Another lifetime ago, Waajeed was a dj/collaborator in Detroit hip hop group Slum Village. He then moved onto a project that went under the moniker of Platinum Pied Pipers (PPP) which, at that time, caught the attention of many music journalists and DJs. It was nothing like his earlier production work — Rhodes, off tempo snares and vocals were the most dominant elements in the PPP sound.

Waajeed ended up using the name “Jeedo” and began putting out instrumental projects here and there.

Then, out of nowhere, appeared Tiny Hearts.  Formed in a bar somewhere in Brooklyn, Jeedo hooked up with Tim K and Dede Reynolds to create something new and different.

The track “Centerfold” caught my attention with its bouncy synth and live drum element. Dede’s vocals are dreamy, spacey and just right in the mix.

Now based mostly in LA, the band plays a show at the Bootleg Theatre this Wednesday.  I’m excited to open for them and to see this project come to life!

If you want to know more about this trio, check out this interview I hosted recently about their creative process and find their EP here.