Tornado Wallace: Artist You Should Know

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Hailing from Melbourne, DJ/Producer Lewie Day has been creating super chill downtempo house for a number of years. With releases on vertiable labels like Delusions of Grandeur and ESP Institute and a grip of strong remixes for Cut Copy and Matthew Dear (on top of a pretty relentless DJ schedule) you’d get the impression that Day aka Tornado Wallace has been banging ceaselessly for the last 3 or 4 years. (And that’s under his own name, not including collaborations like the Coober Pedy University Band.)

Most recently, he’s put together an EP for NY based label Beats In Space. The Desperate Pleasures EP warps and wobbles with tropical neon vibes that wouldn’t be out of place in a world where Miami Vice’s Crockett and Tubbs went undercover in Miami’s underground warehouse scene and stayed there for weeks like some epic Berghain event. The three chuggers on the EP are blessed with just enough edgy menace and bubbly shimmer that they skirt the darkness of twilight and welcome the morning sun.

These Tornado Wallace jams are versatile and pleasing, and the only desperation to be found is that moment where you realize the EP is done.