Travis’ Two Cents (In Five Parts) #11

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I’m DJ Travis Holcombe and you can catch me on the air on Tuesday nights at midnight~3AM (which is technically Wednesday morning). Here are my two cents:

1) I’m not going to even front and act like I know all that much about Rammstein — they’re German, they wear black, they play aggressive industrial-tinged metal, and they’re slightly unsettling for all of those reasons. Then I saw this Beach Boys meets Gidget-inspired video and now my whole world has been turned (almost) upside down.

Note before watching: the last minute is a return to more traditional Rammstein fare and has a few frames of NSFW skin.


2) In other news of acts breaking character, head over to the Green Label Sound site for a free download of DFA disco-poppers Holy Ghost! covering Ministry‘s “I Wanted To Tell Her“. If it doesn’t sound good on paper (is it still acceptable to say “on paper” or is it already considered an anachronism?) the result is well worth your a few MBs on your hard drive.

3) Previously on this column, we’ve reported on dubstep dancing and dubstep beatboxing both of which were pretty cool. Sadly, I think we might be finally beginning to exhaust the internet’s supply of dubstep memes on video. Behold!- Dubstep Juggling:

4) A couple of weeks ago, we were treated to our first peek at the new Black Keys album, El Camino, with the release of “Lonely Boy”. This week comes a new BK track to feast your ears upon. Welcome “Run Right Back into the world, ladies and gents…

“Run Right Back” will be on El Camino, but if you can’t wait for December 6th for the album to come out, it will be released as the b-side to the “Lonely Boy” 12″ on the November 25th Record Store Day at your local independent record retailer.

5) Last week came the sad news of Heavy D‘s sudden death. To a lot of people, Heavy’s contribution to music ended in the ’90s, but the truth is that he was plugging along into the aughts. In 2008, he released a reggae album entitled Vibes, to much critical acclaim (it earned Heavy D a Grammy nomination for Best Reggae Album the following year) that showed the self-dubbed Overweight Lover’s talents went well beyond rapping. Check out the single “Long Distance Girlfriend from the Vibes album and try to contain your surprise.

For me, the quintessential Heavy D track will always be “Girls, They Love Me“. Up until last week, I hadn’t heard that track in ages; nevertheless the hook has been embedded in my brain for almost 2/3 of my life. When I’m stuck in traffic or having trouble sleeping, I often find myself repeating, “Girls they, girls they love me / Cause he’s The Overweight Lover Heavy D!” like a mantra. For that little diddy, Heavy D will always own a piece of real estate in my mind.

Last Wednesday Garth Trinidad had J-Rocc from the Beat Junkies in studio for a killer Heavy D tribute set. I highly recommend that you check that out HERE .