Urulu: Local Artist You Should Know

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Urulu is as mysterious a figure as his namesake and all that it implies.

That being said, his productions are some of the best new dance music coming out of LA. Although steeped in traditional classic house sounds with soulful vocal flourishes and fresh fills, the vibe of Urulu’s tracks have a laidback tempo that has DNA strains of West Coast funk boogie and R & B. Like a glossied up, Hollywood glam version of Moodymann’s Detroit rollerskate jams.

He’s got a number of forthcoming releases in 2012, and a couple of tracks available on Beatport. But, generous heart that he is, he is giving away a nifty EP of untitled tracks niftily titled, “The Untitleds” for free on his soundcloud.

Like the Urulu in the middle of the Australian desert, this dude is a lovely enigma. And well worth investigating.

The Untitleds EP – Free Download by Urulu