Video Premiere: Matt Pond PA – Force of Nature

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Since forming Matt Pond PA in 1998 in Philadelphia, singer-songwriter Matt Pond has released 11 albums, 8 EPs, and numerous singles. The band has undergone several lineup changes, and a relocation to New York. Clearly Matt Pond not only understands what it means to be a survivor, he appears to be having a great time in the process. The video for “Force of Nature,” presents us with images of Pond running in the dark and setting off sparklers, sometimes alone, sometimes with others. These images are interspersed with cuts to concert footage where the current incarnation of the band, and the audience members all appear to be having a blast. Winter Lives is the first record to be released by Matt Pond’s own label, 131 Records, and the sense of freedom brought about by that dynamic is palpable.

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Watch it below, and be prepared to feel a renewed sense of energy as you take on the rest of your week. Further to that point, here is what Matt Pond himself has say about this particular video, and what led him and his band to make it the way they did:

“In these times where everything feels like a fight — we were inspired to put together a tribute to recklessness and wild belief. Everything I’ve ever accomplished in this world has befallen from battling uphill with my best mates. (Thank you very much, you magnificent jerks.) Following this thread through the eternal pulse of humanity, homage and honor — someone else said it far better than I ever could: Do not go gentle into that good night.”

Matt Pond PA play the Resident, DTLA on Saturday March 4th with supporting acts Annuals, and Completions.