Video Premiere: Tashaki Miyaki – Out of My Head

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“I wanna be out of my head for just one day… I wanna go somewhere else and feel o.k….” So goes the primary refrain of L.A. band Tashaki Miyaki’s song “Out of My Head,” which appears on their debut album The Dream.

Oh girl, I can relate.

Thankfully, Tashaki Miyaki have now accompanied this blissful track with a video that really can take you out of your head. It features trains, lovely beach imagery, and a very sympathetic character in a gorilla suit. As an extra escapist bonus, it’s shot in black and white.

Still from the video (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.)

Interestingly enough, the band maintains that their primary influence is film and with “Out of My Head”, this comes as no surprise.

We’re delighted to be premiering the video for “Out of My Head”, which perfectly displays their prowess for both film and, of course, music.

The Dream is out now via Metropolis Records.