Viet Cong: Artist You Should Know (SXSW Preview)

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Viet Cong formed a couple of years ago, rising from the haunted ashes of the gloriously confounding, and deeply respected Calgary-based rock outfit Women.

Their first proper release happened last year via the Mexican Summer record label. That EP, “Cassette”, was a cleaned up version of a tour only (you guessed it) cassette that quickly began attracting the attention of Women fans, and newbies alike.

Still more newbies (myself included) are now getting on board with Viet Cong in a very serious way based upon repeat (and repeat and repeat) listens to their stellar self titled debut full length.

It’s full of dark humor, experimentation with song structure, and breathtaking moments of sheer beauty that break through the more prominent moments of near militaristic precision and/or brilliantly controlled chaos.

Check out Viet Cong’s centerpiece “March of Progress”, for the ultimate example of every single one of those qualifiers.

Based on the deep reaction that so many of us have had to this album, and stories of their incredibly lively stage show (some have even gone so far as to call it playful) I get the sense that Viet Cong will be at the top of everybody’s “Must See at South by Southwest” lists.

If you’re SXSW bound you can catch them as part of Floodfest at the former spot of the Cedar Street Showdown showcases. Details here!