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All of our DJs receive hundreds of CDs a month to consider for airplay. In this regular feature, KCRW DJ Chuck P catalogues his musical bounty from the Post Office each week.

What a crazy week of weather. It was raining yesterday, and it’s supposed to be close to 90 this weekend. Wowsers. I planted some jalapeños last weekend and I’m hoping it wasn’t too late. I’ve got a black thumb, but since I now have a backyard, I’ve got to try and grow something. We’ll see how I fare.

This week fared well at the post office. In fact, I got so much music this week, let’s just have a look at one letter. How do you feel about the letter L?

1) The Lumineers – Been digging this album for a few months now. Stumbled on to them earlier this year with the amazing song Ho Hey, and I’m looking forward to listening to this one again. Excellent vocal harmonies and folky instrumentation… easy to make comparisons to Edward Sharpe or Arcade Fire, but they are much more than that and worth your time. Seek them out… and see them live. Woo!

2) Lightships – New solo project from Gerard Love of Teenage Fanclub. If you can imagine how good that might sound, this is even better. I don’t think Love could write a bad pop song if he tried. Gorgeous and economical, it’s perfect for those upcoming warm spring and summer nights. Snazzy artwork to boot!

3) Light Asylum – Living somewhere between the post punk of Devo or Wall Of Voodoo with pop-a-licious electro sounds from the 80s makes this a curious listen. I must admit that it didn’t resonate with me right away, but I like to give bands that confound me second chances. I’m glad I did. I can see this band playing to a packed room full of sweat soaked kids who know all the words.


4) Jandek “Indianapolis Saturday” – Okay, so this guys name doesn’t start with an L. Heck, to be honest… I didn’t even get it in the mail…. BUT!! Eric J Lawrence did and he passed it along to me! I’m so grateful, I’ve got to write about it. Quite possibly the biggest Jandek fanatic at KCRW (maybe LA?), I’ve dropped the ball on the last couple releases, but EJL is getting me back on the Jandekkie train. I haven’t listened yet, but it’s a double CD of a live show from, you guessed it, Indianapolis, so I’m sure it will be A Very Jandek Experience.

Honorable mentions include new music from S. Carey, Young Man, Allo Darlin and Mickey Hart, with the digital promo of the week going to Mount Eerie for the incredible new album Clear Moon.

Alright, that’s a wrap. Feel free to pass along music to the address below if you want to be featured on this here blog post.

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