Yellow Days Live on MBE

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I dug into Yellow Days full length Is Everything Okay In Your World? over the Christmas break, pretty much listening on repeat. As the title indicates, he isn’t afraid to get deep; talking about depression and anxiety. But it’s that voice — a gravelly, soulful, wise-beyond-his-19-years, projection of emotion that I really responded to.

When you hear a special artist, you know it; and Yellow Days’ George Van Den Broek makes some seriously soul soothing indie R&B.

Take a listen to his live session and I guarantee you’ll become a believer.

Fun Fact: Yellow Days was playing this just-released new song during soundcheck and I ALMOST convinced them to play it live.

Fun Fact Part 2: George has been outspoken about his love for Mac Demarco and how he’s been one of his modern music influences.  Well, Mac is now an Angeleno and I might have been able to make George’s dream of meeting Mac a reality. Stay tuned!!

(All photos c/o: Jessica Hanley)