Adan & Xavi Y Los Imanes: Adan & Xavi Y Los Imanes

Longtime friends Adan Jodorowsky (Adanowsky) and Xavi Polycarpe (Gush) have been musical co-conspirators for some time, working together previously on Jodorowsky's acclaimed 2014 album ADA. Adan & Xavi Y Los Imanes is a dusky and beautiful exploration of mutual appreciation and mutual heartache, with both Adan and Xavi inspiring one another to new artistic heights.

To fully capture the sound that the men were looking for—warm, intimate pop with a wintry edge—they recorded directly to eight track tape, in the living room of a castle in the French countryside that belonged to a 19th century piano maker. The proof is in the mix as Adan & Xavi sounds rich and raw, delivering performances reminiscent of Harry Nilsson, Badfinger and the guitar work of George Harrison (who, incidentally, gave Jodorowsky his first guitar lesson as a child).

Both men are native to Paris, though Jodorowsky spends a fair amount of his time in Mexico City. As with the swooning Spanish-language romanticism of his 2011 album Amador, the Mexican influence feeds the lyrical direction of Adan’s tracks on Adan & Xavi. Xavi’s are primarily sung in English, as he has done with Gush since the beginning, including 2010’s Everybody’s God (nominated for a French Grammy).

Adan & Xavi is a lovely work that maintains an easy rhythm found only between old friends. Though their influences and recording methods are rooted in the past, Adan & Xavi Y Los Imanes is a throughly modern take on classic song craft.


  1. Along The Way
  2. Fuera El Dolor
  3. Heartbeat
  4. Luna
  5. I'm Not The One
  6. Xavi
  7. Un
  8. Finalidad
  9. Vagabond
  10. Leoncito