Adrian Younge: Something About April II

The prolific Adrian Younge has not-so-quietly become a serious mover & shaker in the local LA music scene with his multifarious projects over the past few years. Beginning with the soundtrack to the 2009 Blaxploitation parody, Black Dynamite, to collaborations with such legends as the Delfonics & Ghostface Killah, Younge composes, arranges & produces with great confidence. His latest salvo is a direct sequel to his 2012 psychedelic soul band, Venice Dawn, performing a song-cycle with the title of "Something About April."

Like with its predecessor, stirring strings, fuzzy guitars & basslines, elegant harpsichord & electric piano riffs & more populate "Something About April II." There's an eye & an ear to a retro vibe, mixing stirring, dramatic soul with the beautifully icy sound of late 60s European soundtracks, but done with such care it doesn't come off as a retread. This time around, guests include Bilal, Laetitia Sadier of Stereolab fame, Raphael Saadiq, plus folks from Younge's regular stable of musicians & singers. It is more of the same sort of dynamic music-making that is marking Younge as one of our favorite sons, and it is sure to occupy our ears until his next project peeks around the corner.


  1. Sittin' By The Radio
  2. Winter Is Here
  3. Sandrine
  4. Step Beyond
  5. Sea Motet
  6. Memories of War
  7. Psalms
  8. Magic Music
  9. Ready To Love
  10. La Ballade
  11. April Sonata
  12. Hands of God
  13. Hear My Love