Beach House: Teen Dream

ap100125Beach_House_Teen_DreCOVER115x115.jpgRecorded in upstate New York in a converted church, Teen Dream is the third album from the Baltimore-based duo Beach House.  Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand first came together in 2005 when they charmed indie music enthusiasts across the blogosphere with their dreamy & languid lo-fi sound. The new album gives voice to a new, fuller universe of unbridled imagination. It features tracks that feel intimate while lushly orchestrated and irresistibly sprinkled with Legrand’s Nico-esque vocals. Teen Dream is one of those records that feels right both late at night, early on a Sunday morning, or keeping you company on a long road trip. Have a listen and let us know where you see yourself enjoying the tracks. Neat bonus: Both the CD and LP formats of Teen Dream come packaged with a companion DVD featuring a video for each song on the album, each by a different director.

Beach House’s Teen Dream will be offered during KCRW’s subscription drive January 29-Feb 8, 2010 along with over 100 other CD titles. Stay tuned for details on how to receive a copy with your KCRW membership!

Teen Dream will be available on-demand January 25 through February 22, 2010

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Track listing:
1. Zebra
2. Silver Soul
3. Norway
4. Walk in the Park
5. Used to Be
6. Lover of Mine
7. Better Times
8. 10 Mile Stereo
9. Real Love
10. Take Care