Fort Knox Five: Pressurize The Cabin

Over the years, our nation's capitol has revealed itself as one of our nation's capitols of funk music as well! The current leaders of the DC funk scene, the collective known as Fort Knox Five return after the past several years remixing the likes of Donovan, Shawn Lee and Bob Marley with their first full-length album of original, danceable jams since their 2008 debut.

Banner Image Credit: Jesse Justice


  1. Reach (feat. Flex Mathews)
  2. Fire in My Belly (feat. Ashley Slater)
  3. Whatcha Gonna Do (feat. Mustafa Akbar)
  4. Pressurize the Cabin (feat. Vokab Kompany)
  5. Swinging on a Rhyme (feat. Flex Mathews)
  6. Keep It Poppin (feat. Mustafa Akbar)
  7. Ready Go (feat. Raashan Ahmad)
  8. Cinco to the Brinco (feat. Empresarios)
  9. 24 Hours to Set It Off (feat. Sleepy Wonder)
  10. Mission to the Sitars