Guitarist Tomer-David Rapaport falls into the somewhat unexpected tradition of Israeli psychedelic rockers. From Rockfour to Vaadat Charigim, there have been a number of bands from Israel that take inspiration from both the heavy and light variations of 60s-era psychedelic rock. Perhaps it is not so strange that the Middle Eastern climate of their home country should inform that brand of rich, complex, effect-laden guitar jams - many American bands of a similar style find the desert landscape of Joshua Tree to be a good match for their musical muse as well.

Having relocated to the US over the last decade, Rapaport has been involved in a number of bands, including the acclaimed Reignwolf. His latest project, Seattle-based trio Maszer make their debut with DREAMSZ, an EP that builds on a slightly ominous psychedelic backdrop, but which is tempered by singer Kate Blackstock's honey-toned vocals. Add drummer Joseph Braley's sympathetic rhythms and you've got an opening statement worth paying attention to. The opening cut, "Pandora's Box," sets the tone with a slow tromp, before things open up on the Eastern-flavored "Fata Mirage." "California Sees You" serves as catchy centerpiece to the record, while things conclude nicely with the almost Sundays-like "Passers By" and the closer, "ROAR." It's a quick hit, but it's the kind of calling card that makes one hope for repeat visits.

-Eric J. Lawrence